Hemp Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Hievoo - Hemp Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Extra Virgin
Olive Oil

For years, Aegean Olive Oil has been in the homes of those who have chosen healthy and delicious eating habits from all four corners of the world. Our extra virgin olive oil has a fruity, zesty, light flavor that is specially suited for the global palate. 


Nature Infused

Produced in Turkey
- High in Omega 3 & 6
- Rich in Vitamins E & K
- Organic & Natural
- Cold Pressed
- Vegan & Vegetarian

The highest

Made from 100% cold pressed Aegean olives.

Our olives are picked and then cold pressed so that the genuine aroma of the olives are preserved, and only the best "juice" is selected.

The Sun Captured

Our high quality extra virgin olive oil has a superior fruity taste, lacks any flavor or aroma faults, non-chemically processed, with high nutritional content, with a max. acidity of 0.8.


The antioxidant properties of the olives fluctuate depending on the time of year. The tree uses this oil to protect its seeds from the oncoming cold of winter. Picking early in November allows the antioxidant properties to be kept as high as possible, whereas picking late in February allows for more of the golden ‘juice.’ to be formed.

Olive oil has always been known as one of the most healthy and natural products the earth has given to us. It is described as “the sun captured in a bottle” and is cited as one of the main reasons for peoples’ longevity of the Mediterranean and Aegean regions

250ml of Goodness

Each 250ml of our hievoo plus bottle embodies 10% hemp flower extract. A unique combination of pine and eucalyptus provide a distinct nutty experience, giving your salads and your tastebuds a buzz of excitement.